Profit % with total in tooltip
Profit % with total in tooltip

Undocumented Features: Analytics for measures not visible

As I work with Power BI sometimes I encounter strange behaviours that I not heard before, and sometimes feel unintentional by the developers. I have to be honest I am not sure it is not documented, I just did not found it.

The first one I would like to write about is how to use the analytics features on measures that are not visible in the visual.

I posted about analytics features of visuals on this blog post.

Compared to the overall business

In this example I would like to analyse the profit % achieved by different parts of the business, compared to the overall business.

I chose the product category as dimension first. In order the get a better view how it compares to the overall values I used the analytics pane to show the average profit %.

Profit % with average
Profit % with average

If I drag the same measure in a card visual next to it we already see that using the average in not showing the same result.

Showing a filtered result

Profit % with average filtered
Profit % with average filtered

In addition, when I use another filter on the visual, than it becomes obvious that we need to find a different solution to show the overall % value regardless of the filters on the visual.

I want to make sure that the analytics line always show 11,59%. For that I need to create a new measure:

Total Profit % = CALCULATE([% Profit], all(Orders)) 

Orders is my fact table. By ignoring the filter on the fact table, makes sure that any filter coming from any dimension will be ignored.

Adding the measure in the visual will enable me to show an average line.

Profit % with total in visual
Profit % with total in visual

But, I really don`t like to see the total % number as part of the visual, I would only want to see the line, so I can move the measure in the Tooltips, but the Analytics Average line will stay.

Profit % with total in tooltip
Profit % with total in tooltip

It gets trickier, if we have RLS in our model. I will post about that shortly.

Hope you liked today`s post.

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