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I spend a lot of time going through the Power BI documentation to find answers about Power BI features. As always, I look for opportunities to make my life easier when I need to look through of data. What better tool for this than Power BI itself?

So, I created a few reports to help me and you to find easier and faster what we search for.

Questions like:

  • Is it mandatory to use Data Gateway if I need to connect to Amazon Athena?
  • Will I be able to connect live to Essbase?
  • What are the parameters I need to use if I want to get all the reports using the Rest APIs?
  • Is there an API call to cancel a dataset refresh?
  • What options admin have to manage external user access?
  • I saw a feature in a blog post/video, but I cannot see it in my tenant, can the admin turn it off?

Link to the Page: Power BI Features

Explore Power BI features with these reports
Explore Power BI features with these reports

Hope you find these reports useful for finding answers to your questions faster.

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