About the Blog

Hello everyone,

This blog is about Self-Service BI using Microsoft`s Azure and Power BI tool sets. Focusing on the benefits and problems organizations face when try to adopt this new way of driving decisions with data.

There will be longer posts about general topics in the Big Picture section, like how to generate value, report life cycle or what kind of self service levels are available.

I would like to talk about how you can improve the experience of the consumer and fellow creators by applying some best practices in the Improve the Experience section.

The Analytics Edge section will contain deep dive pieces about certain capabilities\techniques that will help you get more/better insights from your data.

About me

My name is Mihaly Kavasi. I am a practicing consultant working with data and self-service BI tools.

Currently I mainly use the Microsoft cloud stack, where I am also a trainer. Previously I worked with other tools like Tableau.

I regularly see good and bad examples of how organizations start their journey to become a data-driven organization, and certain patterns emerged that seem to be universal for success. That led me to start this blog.

I would like use this platform to organize my thoughts, share it with you and based on feedback improve my understanding about how to best approach this task of helping organizations reach their goals using data.

Welcome to my blog!

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About the author

Mihaly Kavasi

Data-driven Decision-Making Enthusiast.
Power BI Expert and Trainer. Helping organizations and communities to use data effectively.
Big fan of RE and Electric cars.
Working @ Avanade

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